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About The Practice Rooms

Founded in late 2010 by Angus Landman, The Practice Rooms arose out of the need for therapy rooms for his own Psychotherapy practice. Struck by the lack of quality spaces available to therapist, the set up and evolution of The Practice Rooms has become his passion. The work therapists undertake day in, day out is invaluable, and The Practice Rooms provides the essential beautiful, professional space for this work to take place.

"The physical environment enables me as a therapist to relax into the work and hold the space at the level at which it does. I created The Practice Rooms so that therapists aren’t battling against the environment. Instead, it’s on their side; because the rooms were created with that intention." - Angus Landman

Therapy Room with chairs and a fireplace at The Practice Rooms in Richmond, London

Therapy Rooms to Rent Nationwide

If you are a practitioner looking for a room to rent, welcome to The Practice Rooms. We hold, as our core task, the wellbeing of our practitioners by relieving them of the hassle and stress of room rental, and facilitating a supportive community of professional colleagues.

We provide rooms of the highest quality which, together with our exemplary customer service, make for, what our members consistently say is ‘an excellent experience’.

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Find a Therapist

We recognise that finding a therapist can be a tricky undertaking and we hope that we will make it easier for you to find the right person. You can search here for therapists working from our rooms, by location, by profession, by name and by any symptom you might be suffering from. Our website enables you to make contact with the therapist of your choice using the contact details listed.

All our therapists have provided evidence of professional qualification, indemnity and professional membership.

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Woman holding the side of a mans face during a craniosacral therapy session

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